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In your poster, you MUST include the following information:
Title and author
Disease Process, definition, pathophysiology (Signs & Symptoms)
Nursing Interventions
Lab and Diagnostic Tests
Patient Education
References (APA FORMAT)
Know your audience and shape your poster to address it. Your audience are your classmates.
If you can say the same things in words or with a diagram, use a diagram.
Do not use abbreviations, acronyms, or jargon.
Make all illustrations simple and bold. Leave out any unnecessary detail in the story being presented.
When in doubt, edit out – crowded, cluttered posters are difficult to read.
Charts, drawings, and illustrations might be like those you would use in making slides —
simple and bold. Readability is the key.
Use elements of different sizes and proportions. Same-size and same-proportioned components
result in a boring design. For areas of particular emphasis try different shapes or colors. Leave
open space in the design.
Proofread your poster content very carefully.
Enlarge all photos enough for pertinent details to be clear.
Make a scale drawing of your layout. Have a few colleagues comment on the overall design before final drafting.
Questions to consider when viewing the final draft:
Is the message clear?
Do the important points stand out?
Is there a balance between words and illustrations?
Is there spatial balance?
Is the pathway through the poster clear?
Is the poster understandable without oral explanation?
Adding color is always attractive to the eyes of people viewing your research.
Be sure your material is sufficiently lightweight and thin to be easily affixed to the poster board.
Prepare a brief (5 minute) presentation and practice giving it to a friend.
No audio/visual support is allowed for poster presentations.
Make your poster sturdy enough to withstand your trip to class.
Arrive early to assemble your poster.
Stand off to the side of your poster so that you don’t block it during your presentation.
This project is worth 10% of your final grade. See examples at the top of your Moodle Page.
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