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9766Traumatic events occur in schools all across the country every day. An important aspect of classroom management is to know how to prepare for trauma and deal with what happens in the classroom and in schools. Trauma can come in many forms including school shooting, lockdown, abuse, students’ parent death, evacuation, etc. or lesser forms of trauma that can still have an effect on students.
First Scenario- You discover that one of your students’ parents has passed away suddenly. This parent was an active member in the school and a volunteer in the classroom. Most of the students knew this parent.
How will you address this situation in your classroom? What resources are available to students who are affected by this traumatic event?
Next Scenario- research a traumatic event that has happened in an elementary school in the past 5 years. Then select a generic event in order to complete this assignment. With the specific traumatic event in mind, choose the grade level upper elementary (3rd-5th grades). Conduct research and use the topic Resources and to determine how you would respond to this specific traumatic event and traumatic events in the future.
Create your paper to be presented to the community, teachers in the district, and families. Be sure to take into consideration students’ diverse personal and family backgrounds.
Your paper MUST address the following:
• Statement of the traumatic event (school shooting, fire, bomb threat, etc.)
• How to respond during a traumatic event.
• How to respond to students the day after a traumatic event.
• How to respond to and address families.
• How to prepare students for future traumatic events.
• Resources to give families in preparation of traumatic events.
Be sure to include a title page, needs 5 cites and reference page.
You MUST support your findings with the two REQUIRED resources and and 3 additional scholarly resources.

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An APA STYLE paper with CITED REFERENCES and a REFERENCE PAGE that includes the topics and scenarios NEEDED to be addressed. Analyze safe, prepared, and productive learning environments that promote motivation and positive behaviors. Examine appropriate response strategies in the event of traumatic situations in the classroom based on established policies and common best practices.
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