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1) Indicate:
a. the date (and time if appl., i.e. radio, TV);
b. the media outlet (i.e. name of newspaper, magazine);
c. the section (i.e. Cover page/Health section);
d. how often does the newspaper/magazine is published (i.e. daily, weekly, monthly?);
e. the reporter (i.e. any specialization, like Health, Environment, Business reporter?).
2) Describe the issue
a. What is the issue covered, in a few words (i.e.: Water consumption in Ontario);
b. What is the specific angle of the coverage, in one short sentence (i.e. New Ontario
government policy released on water conservation at home);
c. Is it a news report? A feature? (Please explain why.)
d. How long is the article (indicate the exact word count of this article)?
3) Reason for news coverage
In a few sentences (50 words max.), indicate why you think that this coverage was printed/aired (i.e. : why did the editor/producer decide to run this piece)?
4) Summary: (200 words max.), summarize the main point(s) of the article
5) Cirtique/discussion: In a few paragraphs (600 words max. for sections b to f, i.e. all sections listed below except section 5a (sources)), describe the major strengths of the coverage, the major weakness, and give your overall opinion/evaluation of the coverage.
The discussion must follow the analysis grid below:
a. What type of sources/interviewees are used (streeters, academics, government
officials, professionals, non-governmental organization, activists, etc.)?
b. Is it balanced, presenting both sides of the issue (for/against)?
c. Is it clear?
d. Is it comprehensive or superficial?
e. Is it leaning politically one-way or another, or neutral?
f. Strengths / Weaknesses; Any other analysis/opinion not covered above.
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