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9830Description: Each student must conduct open source research (to keep this unclassified) regarding the threat to their personal work surroundings within a 50 mile radius. (You will be creating a vague Threat Assessment which will be used for your Situation of the Plan.
Once you create the Situation of the Plan you will then contact your management at the highest level possible and request a mission statement of the overall operation where you work. This will be written out by you as the Mission portion of the plan
Scenarios: To make your life a little easier, you will next write your execution portion of the plan. You will only write out one Execution and it will be the same execution you used in your Mid Term (so, if you had mistakes then, now is your time to fix them).
Admin and Support: You will now have the top 5 entities that will contribute to your Crisis Management team and write out their role. You may have up to 10 entities yet no less the 5. Remember each one must be written specifically.
Command and Control: This will seem almost identical to many yet is very different. Go back and read the differences between your last step and this step. Here you will write out your top 5 members related to your command and control you may go up to 10 members here as well. Be careful! If you realize you have no First Responders you will need to create (fake) MOU/MOA’s here and in the last step.
Audience: Make sure to consider your audience: key stakeholders, government, private industry, policymakers, academics, and peers—or anyone else who may be associated with the AT/Crisis Management Plan.
Language: Present your paper in a professional, academic way that addresses the designated audience. Be sure to present well-developed paragraphs that are free of grammatical error and that convey a logical flow of information. It should be written in the third person (avoid first person “I” or second person “you”).

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Assignment 11: Real World Problem Solving: Crisis Management Plan (FINAL)
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