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Question 1
Briefly describe the technologies that are leading businesses into the third wave of electronic commerce.
Question 2
In about 100 words, describe the function of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Include a discussion of the differences between  gTLDs and sTLDs in your answer.
Question 3
In one or two paragraphs, describe how the Internet changed from a government research project into a technology for business users.
Question 4
In about 100 words, explain the difference between an extranet and an intranet. In your answer, describe when you might use a VPN in either.
Question 5
Define “channel conflict” and describe in one or two paragraphs how a company might deal with this issue.
Question 6
In two paragraphs, explain why a customer-centric Web site design is so important, yet is so difficult to accomplish.
Question 7
In about two paragraphs, distinguish between outsourcing and offshoring as they relate to business processes.
Question 8
In about 200 words, explain how the achieved trust level of a company’s communications using blogs and social media compare with similar communication efforts conducted using mass media and personal contact.
Question 9
Write a paragraph in which you distinguish between a virtual community and a social networking Website.
Question 10
Write two or three paragraphs in which you describe the role that culture plays in the development of a country’s laws and ethical standards.

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Briefly describe the technologies that are lead
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