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10041This unit’s material discussed the idea of restoring cultural and historical resources to a community to ensure that residents
can regain a sense of normalcy after a disaster. This assignment will require you to identify those resources in your
community (MCKINNEY, TEXAS) and create a presentation that takes your professor on a “tour” of your community.
Each presentation will cover the following:
First, identify and discuss the historical and cultural resources in your community. Include their significance and value to
the community and its residents. This “tour” is how you will help your professor get to know your community.
Next, show and explain at least two vulnerabilities that are present in your community. For example, you may have a dam
or a chemical plant in your community that could pose a hazard, or you may be located in an area prone to natural
disasters. It is best to use your own photos, but if you need to use outside sources, be sure they are properly cited.
Now explain which of the historical and cultural resources in your community you feel would be most essential to restore
when recovering from a disaster related to the vulnerabilities you identified. Explain how this part of the recovery process
will help get your community back to a sense of normalcy.
Finally, discuss mitigation steps that are being taken (or should be) to ensure that these historical and cultural resources
might remain safe from disaster in the future.
Keep in mind you are giving a personal tour of your community—not only as a resident, but also as someone with the eye of
an emergency management professional. Your presentation should tell the story of what aspects are important in your
community and the value of protecting and restoring them in the event of a disaster.
If creating a PowerPoint presentation:
Your PowerPoint presentation must be a minimum of eight slides, not including the title and reference slides. Any
references used will be formatted in APA style.
You must use the narration feature in PowerPoint to add audio to each slide to explain and discuss the slide content (I WILL READ THE INFORMATION FROM THE NOTES PAGE FOR THE AUDIO).
Include actual pictures of your community in the slides to show the various cultural and historical aspects and
vulnerabilities you will address.
PLEASE USE THIS BOOK AS ONE OF THE REFERENCES: Phillips, B. D., Neal, D. M, & Webb, G. R. (2017). Introduction to emergency management (2nd ed.). CRC Press.

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