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1. Do not use 1st person pronouns (e.g. I, me, we, us, our, etc.)
2. Write out all contractions (do not instead of don’t) and acronyms (e.g. Dallas Independent School District instead of DISD the first time used)
3. Do not use the word “YOU,” “YOUR,” “TODAY,” “NOW,” “HERE,” or “AROUND” and remember the word “CANNOT” is one word.
4. Never use a cliché without quotations marks (e.g. “Last but not least”)
5. Do not start a sentence with the word “THERE” or “THAT
6. When using a quote, all periods and commas go inside quotation marks
7. Open the1st sentence of the Introductory Paragraph with the Subject of the paper
8. Each pronoun must agree with its antecedent in number (People will buy cookies if they like them/Sally will eat her hot dog)
9. Never end of sentence with a preposition (e.g. in, to, at, on, etc.)
10. Never start two sentences with the same word in a paragraph
11. Never use a particular pronoun or personal name more than twice in a paragraph and make sure any person’s name includes the first and last name and location of the person
12. Five W s (WHO/WHAT/WHEN/WHERE/WHY) of the Subject must be present in the Introductory Paragraph (The WHO always includes the person’s first and last name and the WHERE requires a specific address)
13. Each Body Paragraph should have at least one specific anecdote/brief story/example/illustration at least 3 sentences long at the end of the paragraph
14. All proper nouns must be capitalized (e.g. Ramada, Buick or MVC)
15. All titles should be original, clever, and/or humorous. Please use a Title Page only in a Research Paper.
16. All papers must be single-spaced, typed or printed with paragraphs at
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