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Critical Review on Nursing Leadership
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Critical Review: Basyah, H., Lubis, A. R., Yunus, M., & Darsono, N. (2018). The role of leadership style of head of ward, electronic documenting, and nurses’ performance in service innovation in Meuraxa hospital. The South East Asian Journal of Management, 12(1), 65-84.
The article concerns the influence of nursing leadership in championing cost reduction, efficiency, and performance in the health care sector. This research sought the views of technology users concerning the impact of leadership in promoting the adoption of innovations. Researchers study sampled one hundred practicing nurses at Meuraxa Hospital in Indonesia (Basyah, Lubis, Yunus & Darsono, 2018). The authors of the research article did apply clear titles to substantiate the introduction, background, significance, purpose, and problems statement of the study. Instead, the article appears to merge the listed parts and complicating distinction. Indeed, the problem statement is unclear and there is no indication to distinguish whether the article is a proposal or a report. This organization means trouble to novice audiences who may encounter difficulty isolating the various aspects to achieve a better understanding of the information.The assignment Critical Review on Nursing Leadership Medicine Article Critique (Article Critique Sample) Has been handled previously by writers From Elitetutorslab.

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Critical Review on Nursing Leadership Medicine Article Critique (Article Critique Sample)
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