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Dental Public Health Masters Admission Personal Statement
I always had a dream to work in the healthcare industry. Growing up, I enrolled for subjects and courses that would grant me an opportunity to work in health care. So far, I have managed to pursue my education to the undergraduate level. In yester years, I didn?t have a clear picture of the specific area of health care that I would work in. Therefore, I focused on passing the required examinations and it was only after completing high school that I decided to narrow down to dental health. After a thorough investigation, I realized that there was an acute shortage in the niche and most students preferred working in other areas. After completing the undergraduate program, I believe that I would be of greater benefit to society if I improve my knowledge base on the field by pursuing a master?s degree at the university.
I wish to enroll for the Dental Public Health Masters program to increase my skills and knowledge in dental public health. I believe that my current level of knowledge as an undergraduate is useful but insufficient for more complex situations. I desire to help patients in the best way and I can improve patient outcomes significantly by pursuing the masters degree. University of Leeds has a good reputation for top-notch education and also offers immense opportunities for further career growth through PhD programs. In future, I would like to pursue a PhD in Pediatric Dentistry or related fields and enrolling for the masters program avails those opportunities.
The Dental Public Health Masters course suits my needs because it aligns well with my prerequisite academic qualifications at the undergraduate level. I intend to be a highly skilled professional in oral health and the course allows me to become precisely that. I am a staunch believer of specialization in occupations. Therefore, the course serves my long term goal of being a specialist in the dental health realm.
The course will allow me to perfect my research skills. Particularly, I intend to double down on statistical methods and other areas where I feel weak from an academic standThe assignment Dental Public Health Masters Admission (Admission Essay Sample) Has been handled previously by writers From Elitetutorslab.

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Dental Public Health Masters Admission (Admission Essay Sample)
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