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Throughout the course, you will read research from OJJDP, the Office of Juvenile Justice and
Delinquency Prevention. They are the Federal agency that is charged with all things juvenile justice. It is
good to become familiar with them and what they have to offer in order to have a better command of
the information about the juvenile justice system.
Find your way to their website (I imagine if you cannot find their website on your own, you are going to
have a difficult time of this course, or any college-level course). At the top are the general topics
buttons, the most useful are probably “About,” “Library and Multimedia” “Research and Statistics,” and
“Programs.” Look around in Statistics, then the Statistical Briefing book. A lot of what you need will
be on the left side menu.
Please create a single Word file to be submitted through Turnitin. DO NOT INCLUDE THE QUESTIONS
only provide your answers to each numbered item.
Do not cut and paste, in your own words:
1. Describe 5 facts about the general juvenile population in the US today.
2. Before looking at the next section, come up with 3 questions that you have about the juvenile
justice system. Write the questions down in your paper to be submitted. In the Juvenile Justice
System Structure and Process FAQ area, see if they have answers to your questions. In your
own words, summarize the answers. If they don’t have your question, dig around a bit to see if
you can find the answer somewhere else.
3. Describe the Caseflow diagram for 2017 (or the most recent year you can find). Don’t focus so
much on all the percentages, look at the flow patterns and describe them, such as what amount
moves on to the next stage, where are the biggest release stages, and so on. Add your own
topics to discuss!
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