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Response to the Prompt
Use the provided textbox to submit your answer the questions below in a minimum of 250 words.
Students response should be unique, original, grammatically correct and free of spelling errors, and should answer all parts of the prompt.
The response should contain each question number along with the question. When answering the question, students should provide a statement (your answer) in a complete sentence.
If a quote is requested for support, a complete sentence quote should be provided below the answer.
No ellipsis “…” is allowed on these assignments. Students should only use the sources provided and citations are not need to complete the assignment.
Once the initial post has been submitted, students will be able to review their classmate’s responses.
Response to the prompt must be on the initial post. Answers on the secondary posts or replies will not be accepted.
After reading the excerpts from The Irish in America, compose a thoughtful post using the questions below. After making the initial post, students should make multiple substantial posts to students in significant ways.
What issues were created with the large influx of Irish immigration to American cities?
Describe the most serious obstacle to the advancement of Irish people in America? Why? Provide a quote to support your answer.
According to John Maguire, what are the positives and negatives of Irish women in America? Provide two quotes to support your answers.
What stereotypes or discriminatory language used to describe the Irish can be seen when describing other minorities in low socio-economic (society + economy) statuses in today’s America? In your opinion, why is this language still used?
Post two questions about anything related to the material in the chapters. Students can create questions about something they are interested in or confused about. Please be sure the questions are clear and concise.
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