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Reply to the threads below, in at least 275 word, building upon the original thread or offering a contrasting viewpoint. The replies must be substantive, using at least two scholarly resources (not cited below), 1 biblical integration, and must further the discussion.
Differences Between Conceptual and Theoretical Framework:
A current study done on conceptual and theoretical frameworks shows that there is a lack of literature on the differences between them and when there is no separation of these two from one another there is a risk of misinterpreting the research and doing harm to the knowledge it was meant to build upon (Varpio et al., 2020. p.989). “A theoretical framework is a logically developed and connected set of concepts and premises—developed from one or more theories –that a researcher creates to scaffold a study. A conceptual framework is the justification for why a given study should be conducted” (Varpio et al., 2020, p.990).
Some noted differences are that a theoretical framework starts with what is projected and then is modified as the research progresses. It focuses on how the idea will impact the research. A conceptual framework will start with a plausible case for a study to be conducted and it will focus on what can be learned from the research and how valuable it is (Varpio et al., 2020, p.991). Another difference is that the theoretical framework is employed by quantitative research and qualitative research and a conceptual framework includes qualitative research and concentrates on areas that may be less explored (Rocco & Plakhotnik, 2009, p.125-126). “Whereas a theoretical framework is used when investigating a specific theory, a conceptual framework is made up of theoretical and empirical work relevant to the manuscript’s purpose, where the purpose is not to further investigate a specific theory” (Rocco & Plakhotnik, 2009, p.126).
Importance of Conceptual and Theoretical Frameworks and Examples
Conceptual frameworks are important because a concept is used to help sum up ideas and store them and use them, thus helping to progress the development and communication of knowledge (Wald & Daniel, 2020, p.497). Theoretical frameworks are important because they give researchers a place to begin, and it provides data that can be analyzed and can help prove or elaborate on prior research. (Varpio et al., 2020, p.993). An example of how the theoretical framework is used is a study where prior studies on diversity did not include a foundation that showed a connection to a CEO being a champion of diversity within the organization. For this, the researcher “proposes a leadership-based theoretical framework for linking CEOs’ commitment to diversity practices in organizations” (Rocco & Plakhotnik, 2h009, p.127). An example of a conceptual framework is a study from 2007 where there seemed to be a limited amount of research on what the method of creativity is and who is exhibiting creativity in a social environment (Rocco & Plakhotnik, 2009, p.128).
Biblical Integration:
As Christians, we can hold fast to the truth in God’s word and know that it will help guide our path as we seek to confirm our worldly knowledge. “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.” 2 Timothy 3:16-17
Rocco, T. S., & Plakhotnik, M. S. (2009). Literature reviews, conceptual frameworks, and theoretical frameworks: terms, functions, and distinctions. Human Resource Development Review, 8(1), 120-130.
Varpio, L., Paradis, E., Uijtdehaage, S., & Young, M. (2020). The distinctions between theory, theoretical framework, and conceptual framework. Academic Medicine, 95(7), 989-994.
Wald, N., & Daniel, B. K. (2020). Enhancing students’ engagement with abstract ideas through conceptual and theoretical frameworks. Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 57(4), 496-505.
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Differences Between Conceptual and Theoretical Framework
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