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For this assignment, you are to read the New York Times article “Dead of AIDS and Forgotten in Potter’s Field” by Corey Kilgannon and create a PowerPoint presentation for the director and their public health team of your state Department of Health requesting their assistance in addressing the stigmas associated with the burial of AIDS recipients corpses at Hart Island, NY to the general public. In your PowerPoint presentation you are to include the following:
Provide a detailed description of HIV/AIDS inclusive of facts on the symptoms, signs, screening treatment, and prevention options
Provide 1-2 theories developed by researchers about the origins and spread of HIV
Provide a detailed description of the methods of HIV transmission
Provide a historical overview of the AIDS epidemic in New York City
Provide a historical overview of Hart Island. Talk about how members of the public and healthcare entities obtain access to Hart Island
Discuss the challenges Hart Island face due to the increase of unclaimed bodies being dumped at the location. Specifically, the unclaimed AIDS recipient corpses
Provide 1-2 solutions on how to remedy the challenges caused by the influx of AIDS recipient corpses dumping
Create a plan of action discussing how to address the stigma surrounding the burial of AIDS recipient corpses
Discuss if there are any financial requirements associated with implementing your solutions.
Your PowerPoint presentation is to be 10-15 slides. In addition, you are to provide a reference slide that includes a minimum of two scholarly research articles/journals. Do ensure to use a professional font (Cambria, Times New Romans, Arial) and your presentation font size is to range between 12-56.
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Discuss the Challenges Hart Island Face due to the Increase of Unclaimed Bodies being Dumped at the Location
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