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Discussion no: 1
The residency class was a memorable experience. We were given out a team of 5 individuals. We need to discuss each other in the team and complete the task given bye the professor it very much taught us the teamwork. Our team was very friendly we shared our experiences at our work, and I have learned few things from them like how each teammate tackle their problems at work. This professor was completely different from others he took care of each student, he interacted with every student and clarified their doubts.
We have picked Data mining as the assessment experience, by picking the data mining I came to know how huge a business it plays. Coming about to doing the assessment on data mining I was captivated by how the data was researched. With the target that way we can complete our appraisal paper in time-limit. The most essential thing in the residency is I taken in all the additionally making inclination and how to introduce introduction In front of all class without frightened. I am very thankful to my professor Dr. Abiodun Adeleke because he is very friendly and simultaneously very professional with his work. The final speech he has given was very emotional and motivational, he observed all the students time to time he added few points in his speech about few students in his observation. Hope to get another residential class with soon.
Discussion no:2
The residency weekend was a three days in-class session held at the university campus that was meant for the students to interact with the professor and their classmates. Residency weekend session started on Friday evening and ended on Sunday afternoon with lot of take away from the session. I will categorize whole weekend session mainly into three categories first category was mini-dissertation case study this was my favorite part. This activity involved team wok based task where I was allocated to a group. Along with the group I have worked on exploring the case study on Data mining where we had gained lot of knowledge of Data mining its features, security of data mining and application areas. This activity had helped us in understanding the team work impact on completing a task assigned to us. Apart from knowledge of Data mining we had good discussion on other Business Intelligence topics which gave me different perspective of BI.
Second part of Residency weekend was about formatting and compiling the research paper according to APA standards. In this task we had interaction with the professor and got knowledge of APA format and its importance. With the help of professor we got to know the different formatting rules under APA standards.
And Also the third task was about studying the resume of business manager’s and interpret the key skills required for business manager and market scope of the business manager role in the current decade. Now we have lot of data about customer buying history this will make business manager and data analyst key role player in the coming years.
Through this residency session I had gained lot of knowledge and information regarding business intelligence. It was very informative by interacting with the professor and fellow classmates.
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Discussion no: 1 The residency class was a memorable experience.
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