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10337Diversity in Education-Ways to Promote Diversity in Education and Schools
Read one of the articles below, and write a one-page, a summary of the following questions:
How can I (personally) promote diversity in my school?
What school-wide activity has my school done to Promote Diversity?
What is a school-wide activity that I would like to implement?
Font – 12, Double Spaced
Submit a Cover page for this assignment-On the Cover page include the following:
(Half way down the page-Center in the Middle of the page)
Your Name
School Safety within the school
LEAD 7952-Instructional Leadership Seminar
Summer 2022
Dr. Sheila Austin
To assist you in answering the questions with a clear action plan, let’s start from the basis.
What Is Diversity in Education?
Diversity is anything that differentiates people from each other. It entails factors like:
Social-economic status
Religious beliefs
Political convictions
Diversity in the classroom is the understanding that each student brings unique experiences, ideas, and strengths to the school.
Why Is Diversity in Education so Important?
Multicultural learning has shown research-backed benefits on learning outcomes. For instance, diversity education has proved to:
Encourage More Tolerance
Both non-formal and formal interracial interactions encourage cross-ethnic friendship. As a result, interethnic anxiety lowers, developing respect and positive attitudes among students.
Build Better Thinkers
Exposure to diverse backgrounds and perspectives students thinking skills. Science says that people tend to think harder when talking to someone different from them.
What’s more, socially diverse groups show students to appreciate different perspectives and draw stronger conclusions.
Even more, diversity challenges educators to incorporate different perspectives in lesson plans that teach students how to interact with their peers on social levels and equip them with skills they’ll use for the rest of their lives.
Build Stronger Communities
A diverse classroom setting develops individuals who have a greater sense of civic engagement. Schools that implement multicultural education provide exposure that prepares students to become better citizens in their communities.
7 Ways to Support Diversity in the Classroom
6 Ways to Promote Diversity in Education and Schools

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Diversity in Education-Ways to Promote Diversity in Education and Schools
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