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Elements of OPTIONAL Proposal ** (This is an example; students must choose a DIFFERENT topic)
[a] Topic Statement: Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana
[b] Research Strategy: Compare marijuana-related consequences in 2 places – one where the drug
has been legalized (Canada); another where the drug has not been legalized (most US states)
[c] Topic Areas Examined: Areas impacted by marijuana and marijuana policy
(i) Socio-Economic: Re-allocation of police and financial resources to combating “hard drug” use and or drug trafficking; reduced rates of otherwise law-abiding citizens with criminal records,
(ii) Public Health: (intoxicated driving, increased cancer rates; increased rates of use by teens; “gateway” effect? to use of ‘hard’ drugs);
(iii) Mental Health: (increased rates of marijuana dependence; worsening of mental illness in at-risk populations like people with depression or schizophrenia);
[d] Sources: List specific citations of at least 5 recent peer reviewed articles you plan to use to support
your argument/analyze different sides of issue. Use PubMed or Google Scholar for sources.The assignment Drugs and Human Behavior (psychoactive drugs) Opioids (Thesis Proposal Sample) Has been handled previously by writers From Elitetutorslab.

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Drugs and Human Behavior (psychoactive drugs) Opioids (Thesis Proposal Sample)
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