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This proposal must includes 3 paragraphs and at least 2 references: The first paragraph of the proposal should describe the topic and discuss the scope of the study. You should name your place and issue, and describe a key linkage within the nexus. The second paragraph should address responses to the issue. The third paragraph should describe what the future may hold. You should have at least two references. Note your are not held to the case study topic you propose for your final case study.
Objective: Investigate a case study related to the Water-Energy-Food-Climate Nexus. A case study is defined as a particular topic investigated at a particular place and time.
**It must specifically address three elements of the chosen topic:
A review of what the causes of the water issue are. Your exploration should draw on the natural and social science literature. For instance, continuting the water supply in Saudi Arabia example, you would need to mention that water supply in Saudia Arabia would always be short because it is a desert. If they use groundwater in Saudia Arabia you should mention this too. Also, why is there a supply issue – what is the water being used for? Does the energy industry use water?
An exploration of the management and policy responses made about the water issue. Note that failures are important to document as well. For instance, you could explore efforts to augment supply by drilling deeper for groundwater, investing in desalination plants, or attempts to purchase water from other supplying nations.
An exploration of how the issue is likely to change in the future, given the existence of climate change, global growth of population, and global growth of the economy. Again, in the example of Saudi Arabia, climate change and population increases may drive water demand up, while groundwater supplies may dwindle (or not).The assignment Eutrophication in Great Lakes: Case Study of Lake Erie (Thesis Proposal Sample) Has been handled previously by writers From Elitetutorslab.

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Eutrophication in Great Lakes: Case Study of Lake Erie (Thesis Proposal Sample)
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