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The company is Google
The purpose of this assignment is to analyze an annual Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) report and perform research in order to evaluate the financial strength, efficiency, and effectiveness of an organization.
Find the Google’s 10-k in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s website (
Read and analyze the “Management Discussions and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations” and “Financial Statements and Supplementary Data” sections of your selected company’s annual report (10k). Other sources of information include the company’s website or news publications.
Based on the information in the company’s financial statements, calculate one relevant ratio from each of the following five categories, providing a comparison (trend, cross-sectional, or industry comparative analysis):
Asset management
Financial leverage
Market value
Using your ratios and research, write a 500-750 word analysis providing an assessment of the following items:
Include the company’s challenges, strategies, growth plans, product changes, and mission statement alignment.
Discuss recent trends in the company’s stock price.
Evaluate the overall financial strength of the company.
Based on your findings, provide an evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.
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