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Trends in Addiction Treatment
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Trends in Addiction TreatmentTwo Current Trends in Addiction Treatment Pharmaceutical and psychological treatments are two all-important trends in the treatment of drug addiction. Some new tablets such as Disulfiram, Naltrexone, Buprenorphine, and Bupropion have been prescribed for better results in addiction treatment (Volkow, & Boyle, 2018). Besides, modern socio-psychological therapies such as motivational enhancement therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapies, and family therapies are becoming more relevant these days. When combined, the two approaches are more likely to provide the desirable results. Two Future Trends in Addiction Treatment
One of the promising trends in addiction treatment is passive immunization. The latter includes treating patients with monoclonal antibodies, which can help to prevent relapse and overdoses, the aspects that lead to increased death rates in the United States (Volkow, & Boyle, 2018). Although the research is still being conducted, the method is considered safe.
The second trend is focusing on the development of personal skills such as social resistance, competence-enhancements, and normative education. These aspects individually equip people to fight this menace; therefore, they should be taken into account instead of concentrating on factors that cause addiction (Singh & Gupta, 2017). People learn things such as facing peer pressure and resisting temptations, which helps them to avoid drug addiction.Impacts of Current Trends in Drug Addiction Largely, the current trends in treatment of drug addiction are quite discouraging. The surge in the use of opioids is making things out of control (Singh & Gupta, 2017). In the United States alone, alcohol addiction costs over $249 billion, tobacco cThe assignment Investigating Trends in Addiction Treatment (Article Critique Sample) Has been handled previously by writers From Elitetutorslab.

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Investigating Trends in Addiction Treatment (Article Critique Sample)
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