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For this discussion feel free to use info from the lecture, book, or other resources or give opinions or examples from the media. What research is out there about this? Any personal examples? Please DO NOT just repeat what someone else already said. You need to read what has already been discussed, then add your discussion.
Here is your writing prompt:
Should there be a minimum age or consumption limit for caffeinated beverages?
What about on soda or caffeine pills?
Is it acceptable to give an infant soda or coffee?
What about a three year old?
What about a teenager? or an 18 year old?
How would that differ from hot chocolate or a candy bar?
In this argument, is there a difference between types of caffeinated beverages?
What are your thoughts on effects of energy drinks? What about energy shots? Some of the new energy drinks such as Bang also contain creatine and say 18+ on the can, but name the flavor things like “Rainbow Unicorn”…thoughts on that?
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