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Research Methodologies and Evidence-Based Practice
Source: Downes,
N., Lichtle, J., Lamore, K., Oreve, M. J., & Cappe, E. (2021). Couples’
Experiences of parenting a child after an autism diagnosis: A qualitative
study. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 51, 2697-2710.
Critique Questions/Content
Research Problems and population of interest
What is the research problem?
Does the problem build a persuasive argument for the new study?
Is the problem statement easy to locate?
What is the population of interest?
Research Questions
What are the research questions?
Research Tradition
Was the research tradition for the study identified?
If none was identified, can one be inferred? Are the data
sources, research methods and analytic approach congruent with the research
Was there evidence of reflexivity in the design?
Ethical Aspects of a Study
Were adequate steps taken to safeguard participant’s privacy?
How was confidentiality maintained?
Were vulnerable groups involved in research?
Data Collection
Given the research question and characteristics of study
participants, did the researcher use the best method of capturing study
phenomena (self-reports, interviews, groups or observation)?
If self-report methods, did the researcher make good decisions about
the specific method used to solicit information (focus group interviews, individual
Methods (cont’d)
Data Collection (cont’d)
Were interviews tape recorded, annotated, and transcribed?
Data Analysis Approach
Identify the type of
analyses undertaken to answer a research question. Were appropriate methods used and/or
qualitative software for data assessment?
Were the findings effectively summarized,
with good use of experts?
Do the themes adequately
capture the meaning of the data? Does it appear that the researcher
satisfactorily conceptualized the themes or patterns in the data?
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