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Topic 1: Justice Systems Around the World
This unit discusses the various justice systems around the world as well as different international documents that specify standards for treatment of juveniles. Thus, it is important to be able to understand and compare the methods of different countries in dealing with juveniles to the method used in the United States.
Read the following library article.
Zhang, L. (Oct 2008). Juvenile delinquency and justice in contemporary China: A critical review of the literature over 15 years. Crime, Law and Social Change. 50(3), 149–160.
After reading the article, respond to the following.
Explain the elements of informal social control that are used in the Chinese justice system.
Explain how the Chinese system is different from the United States justice system.
Explain which system you think is better and more beneficial for juveniles, the United States or China.
Topic 2: The Primary Goals of the Juvenile Justice Network
Relying on the information you have learned in the course, discuss the primary goals of the juvenile justice network. Next, address the expectations placed on the juvenile justice system by schools, the police, treatment facilities, families, youth, the media, and communities. In your opinion, can the juvenile justice network ever live up to the expectations? Why, or why not?
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