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10154For this assignment, you will prepare a PowerPoint presentation that gives an overview of emergency management (EM) as
a profession. Your presentation will include the following:
Summarize how emergency management as a field has evolved over the past century.
Explain how the field of EMhas become a true profession.
Discuss the qualifications needed to enter the field of EMand to progress in the field as a career.
Explain how you, as an EMprofessional, can influence the future of the field.
Your PowerPoint presentation should be seven to nine slides in length, not including the title and reference slides. For each
content slide, you will utilize either the Notes or Audio functions in PowerPoint to add your discussion or explanation of the
Your slides and content should be well organized and show your creativity. As you will be adding notes or audio to explain
your slides, the use of appropriate graphics, pictures, timelines, etc. is encouraged. You must use a minimum of two
sources to support the content or discussion (image or graphic sources do not count toward this requirement). All sources
used must be properly cited, and all references must be formatted in APA style.

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