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10092Scenario: A local business leader is looking for ways to promote change around personal and professional growth and learning for all members of the community. They have asked you to present your philosophy of change to the community—through a recorded presentation (or live, if in the classroom) or through a podcast they will air this month—to help demonstrate the value of employable skills and opportunities for positive change. The goal is to use examples from your personal experience to help listeners understand how they could begin to think about their own philosophy of change and how they navigate change in different contexts.
STEP 1: Introduce yourself to the audience and identify the goal of your presentation or podcast in a clear, concise manner. Your goal should be centered around how some or all of the 10 Skills and a philosophy of change have helped you—and can help others—exercise their problem solving skill (approximately 1 minute or less).
STEP 2: Since your audience will be unfamiliar with the 10 Skills and your philosophy of change, you should provide an overview (approximately 1–3 minutes total) that addresses the following:
What are the 10 Skills and why are they important in your personal and professional life? (Note: You do not need to list and define each skill, but you can speak of them broadly.)
What is a philosophy of change and why is it important? How can it help you think about and solve problems in your life?
STEP 3: Discuss your experience with the 10 Skills and your personal philosophy of change (approximately 3–5 minutes). Note: You may choose to talk about all 10 Skills or to focus on only a few.
You can discuss any or all of the options below:
How some or all of the 10 Skills have informed your philosophy of change.
How some or all of the 10 Skills can support you living out your personal philosophy of change.
How your personal philosophy of change can support your continued development of some or all of the 10 Skills.
Remember, your audience will likely be unfamiliar with the 10 Skills and your philosophy of change. Your grade is based on how well you communicate the connection between this information in a way your audience will understand.

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