4. Tom is a 23-year-old valet manager at a resort, and has 15 valet attendants that work under him. Tom has worked at the resort for the last four years and was recently promoted to manager and has ten close friends that have also worked at the resort for multiple years. There is a group of five valet attendants who were just hired for the busy summer months, and they are much older than Tom and the other young valet attendants. Most of the employees have noticed that only the young group of valet attendants go out to the café near the hotel after work, or participate in other non-work related events, while the new group of older valet attendants do not participate in any non-work activities and simply do the jobs they are asked to perform, but nothing more.-8 A. According to LMX theory who are Tom’s in-group and out-group members? -4 B. According to LMX theory, at which phase of leadership making are the 15 employees working with Tom? What should Tom do? -4

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Question: 4. Tom Is A 23-year-old Valet Manager At A Resort
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