a). Amazon.com is one of the first companies in the world to start selling online. Products do not usually stop in their warehouses and when the customer orders, Amazon will ask their suppliers to send them to their collection center within a few days via IT systems. The company packs and sends all the products to its customers when it is collected. Based on this, what is the rationale for combining the load to be carried in order processing? What risks do such a burden have to be supplied?

b) List the types of transportation and compare them according to the characteristics of speed, reliability, cost, repeatability and type of transportation. What are the strategies to be considered in determining transportation strategies? Establish the transport strategy in general terms for a sector and company you are familiar with.

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Question: A). Amazon.com Is One Of The First Companies In The World
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c) What are the components of logistics information systems? On the e-commerce site such as Gittigidiyor.com, Hepsiburada.com, explain the operation of this system and its connections with each other. What are the performance criteria of logistics information systems, please explain.

d) What are the similarities and differences between classical business objectives and today’s supply chain objectives? Discuss with examples.

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