B. READING PASSAGE TWO Read the passage and answer the questions which follow SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY The incredible advances in science and technology during the past two hundred years testify to Man’s Insatiable thirst for knowledge and creative impulses But Fyi, with its small population, limited natural resources and relative isolation from the centres of the industrialised world, must not allow itself to be bypassed by these advances. The risks of its being marginalised if it does are too great. Science, as the Minister of Education, Filipe Bole, said yesterday on opening the new science laboratory at Ba Sanatan College,”is so important for our schools to lay a proper foundation for the teaching of science subjects. We have to invest in it by having it properly taught in our school system because, as the minister said, the world today is dominated by new scientific knowledge and technological advancements We need to do this to avoid being treated as a geographical irrelevance by more powerful natom, like Japan, the United States and many members of the Furopean Community which are in the middle of what may be termed the Second Industrial Revolution in which computers are permeating a vast range of manufacturing and service operations. But our education and training systems should also steer clear of becoming unnecessarily elitist. And it is essential that they provide vocational training and ensure that Intetime leaming occurs. By seeing that our education system responds to the needs of this fast changing world we can benefit more from what the future brings and give our children more confidence in themselves (From The Fiji Times, 2nd August, 1990) 4. As used in the passage, Insatiable (line 2) means A exciting B, which can not be satisfied C not easily understood. Dunbelievable. S. For what three reasons, according to the writer, might Fiji be bypassed by scientific advances? 6. We need to do this (line 14). What is the writer referring to by this in the above phrase? 7. What is a geographical irrelevance (line 142 8. The word permeating (line 17) means A fighting against B. leading to C. Spreading through D. slowing down. 9. Why do you think the writer warns that over-emphasis on science and technology may make education elitist (line 20)? 10. In what way does the writer seem to suggest that children in Fiji lack confidence? Summarising Sumt up the above passage in 70-90 words. C. APPROPRIATE LANGUAGE Rewrite each of the following sentences correctly. There may be more than one error in each sentence) 2 1. “There is too much emphasise on science in our schools,” said Mr. Vola 2. Parents invests a lot of money in education. 3. “I believe that it is very essential to built more science laboratories,” said Mrs. Narayan. 4. “So do I.” agreed Mr. Naicker. “In the other hand, I am concerned with making our system to elitist, he added. 5. “Our indeginous culture is been neglected,” stated Tomu Tovo. “On my opinion, we should spent money on build a cultural laboratory.** Questions 1. (a) Which section of the newspaper is the above passage from? (b) Give one reason for your answer to (a). 2. According to the writer, what has led to scientific and technological progress? 3. () What is a sexist word used in paragraph one? (b) What could be used instead? (c) Does it matter to you personally (Give a reason for your answer.)

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