Business law

Farid and Ah Fong graduated from a university in 2020 with a qualification in Bachelor of Business and
Commerce. They decided to form a business offering advice to clients who wish to grow their businesses
at a large scale. Fatimah who is a novice businesswoman is looking for a successful business partner in
order to grow her business. She met a businessman by the name Felix but she is unsure of his financial
credibility. She approached Farid and Ah Fong for consultation and advice as she came across their
advertisement in the social media. Farid and Ah Fong did a thorough business research and recommended
to Fatimah to proceed to have a business dealing with Felix as a business partner. Fatimah approached
Felix and entered into a multi-million-dollar project. After a few months, Fatimah discovered that Felix is
a financially troubled businessman. Fatimah is very upset. She approached Farid and Ah Fong for a
clarification. However, Farid and Ah Fong claimed that they have conducted a thorough research on Felix’s
financial standing. However, it has now transpired that Farid and Ah Fong did not look at the financial
standing of Felix for the year 2018 but only looked at the financial standing for the year 2019. They claimed
that there is no need to check the financial standing for the last two years. They also claimed that since
they just graduated, they do not have much experience. Fatimah seeks your advice as to her rights against
Farid and Ah Fong

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