Consider the following sensitivity report. Changing Cells Final Reduced Objective Allowable Allowable Cell Name Value Cost Coeff. Increase Decrease $B$4 Number to make: X1 5 0 5 1.54 2 $C$4 Number to make: X2 5 1.54 6 2.8 3.5 $D$4 Number to make: X3 6.7 -0.5 6 1.54 3.5 Constraints Final Shadow Constraint Allowable Allowable Cell Name Value Price R.H.Side Increase Decrease $D$8 Constraint1 42 0 56 1e+30 6 $D$9 Constraint2 129 2.5 132 17 12 $D$10 Constraint3 28 4 132 5 2 What is the optimal objective function value if the RHS of the second constraint increases to 165? If the numerical answer is obtained, type the exact value. If the numerical answer can’t be computed, type “Not possible”. 

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Question: Consider The Following Sensitivity Report. Changing Cells
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