Draw a conceptual framework.

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Question: EXAMPLE A Manager Is Concerned That The Sales
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EXAMPLE A manager is concerned that the sales of a new product, switch their loyalty to other institutions. The depend- introduced after test marketing it, do not meet with his ent variable in this case is organizational loyalty.” expectations. The dependent variable here is sales.” Since Here again, there is variance found in the levels of the sales of the product can vary – they can below, medium, organizational loyalty of employees. The vice presi- or high – it is a variable, since sales is the main focus of dent might want to know what accounts for the vari- interest to the manager, it is the dependent variable. ance in the loyalty of organizational members with A basic researcher is interested in investigating a view to controlling it. If he finds that increased the debt-to-equity ratio of manufacturing companies pay levels would ensure their loyalty and retention, in southern Germany. Here, the dependent variable is he can then offer inducement to employees by way the ratio of debt to equity of pay rises, which will help control the variability A vice president is concerned that the employees in organizational loyalty and keep them in the are not loyal to the organization and, in fact, seem to organization.

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