Meera and Sarah interviewed 2nd year students about their fast food preferences Najwa used the Google Scholar engine to find scholarly articles about the rate of obesity in the A. Disseminate (report) your UAE B. Primary data collection Mohammed presented his poster at the annual student conference in Dubai Amani was concerned about global warming consequences for the UAE and wanted to find out if her friends and family are also aware of this Sara used MS Excel to plot the results of the online survey, which showed that 57% of the respondents are ready to use durable shopping bags in order to reduce plastic waste in the UAE * After considering all the results, Abdulla and Said deduced that the majority of their peers are aware of vaping risks C. Secondary data collection D. Identify research problem E. Analyze your data F. Draw conclusions Mwanathanamth

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Question: Right). Meera And Sarah Interviewed 2nd Year Students
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