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The assignment consists of 4 short essay questions. Each question weights 25%.

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Question: Task The Assignment Consists Of 4 Short Essay Questions
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The diagram below shows the processes involved in the acquisition of goods for Star Company. Currently, all departments work as separate units, using their own IT systems.

Invetory report Shop PO (Purchase Order) Vendor Purchasing department Goods Receiving document Payment PO Copy Receiving Stor

Based on the information provided:

1. Describe the IT software that might be used by the Purchasing Department at the moment to analyze which goods and what quantity of them are required by the shop. Explain the software and the method itself.

2. Considering that the vendor is an external company, explain how the vendor can easily generate and share the necessary documents with Star Company’s Accounting Department.

3. At the moment, the Operations Manager at Star Company has highlighted severe losses due to coordination problems between the Accounting Department and the Purchasing Department regarding the purchase orders and payment tracking. Propose an IT solution that would improve Star Company’s control of purchases and payments.

4. Considering the business units involved (internal & external), enumerate and describe the main challenges Star Company might face when implementing an ERP. Evaluate the advantages/disadvantages of this implementation.

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