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Review the DargeanGrix Business Scenario downloaddocument.
Read the reports: The Future of Business Partnering Global Survey 2019 (Links to an external site.) and Innovation in the Finance Function Global Survey 2018 (Links to an external site.).
Read the articles: CFOs & The Intelligent Enterprise: Custodians for a Single Source of Truth (Links to an external site.) and Digital – Should CFOs be Bothered? (Links to an external site.)

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Review the DargeanGrix Business Scenario
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Being a champion of change means promoting exploratory efforts and leading or supporting product evaluations to address inefficiency within the organization. This might be done by suggesting alternative technologies or processes, and by being a proponent of pilot testing promising solutions or software options in a live environment, such as volunteering to pilot test possible candidate technologies within one’s own department.
Today, you are the CFO of DargeanGrix, Inc. If needed, review the DargeanGrix Business Scenario  downloaddocument. You’ve identified an area in the organization in which you think things can be improved, and you have an idea about how this can be done. Consider how you would champion this change, and think about what you would need to present to your collegues in senior management in order to make the case for exploring the idea for the change in DargeanGrix.
Make a video argument to your senior leader peers, and present your reasoning for your improvement idea. Discuss the change, technology, or new process that the idea entails. Post the completed video to the discussion forum. You may include a slide presentation to supplement your video argument.
The video should be at least 3 minutes and no more than 5 minutes in length and cover the following elements:

Explain your idea for improving a DargeanGrix process.
Explain how your idea would help improve the process, department, or organization.
Explain why your idea can help move the organization or department forward.
Discuss what you are willing to do to support the exploration of the idea (e.g., research the possibilities, be the pilot test department, lend team members to the project development, etc.).

Explain how these elements will help provide additional information or other possibilities for improving the process, department, or organization.

Your goal in the video is to sell the idea to your senior leader colleagues and create buy-in for exploring your idea and your approach.
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