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The Relationships in Human Relations
Jamar supervised a crew of 15 employees for a moving company. He had been working there for several years and had seen many changes in management during that time. Most recently, he had found himself trying to understand what really bothered him about his newest supervisor.
Jamar prided himself on having one of the highest performing crews at the company—the fewest complaints, and the fewest claims for breakage or loss. But his newest manager, Charles, was not satisfied.
“I don’t really care about loss claims,” he told Jamar at the weekly logistics meeting. “Your crew needs to pick up the pace. We need to get more work orders done, and faster.”
Jamar protested, “But that means more mistakes! A tired crew, more claims, and worse, complaints from families who just want to get their stuff moved to a new place. I have a good crew, we work together well, and they deserve respect just like the families that we move deserve it.”
Charles just shook his head at Jamar. “Speed it up, or I’ll find another crew. You can all be replaced, you know.”
Case Study Questions
Would you identify the conflict in this case as a values conflict or as a difference in attitudes? Explain.
If you see this as a values conflict, is it interpersonal, personal versus group, or internal? Explain. What should Jamar do to resolve any conflict in this situation?
What instrumental and terminal values can you identify for Jamar? For Charles?
Case Study Directions:
Students will submit written responses to each of the assigned case study questions.
Submissions will include the name of the case study and the questions.
Citing material from the relevant chapters’ students will provide written analysis for each case study.
Three substantive paragraphs should be written per case study, including at least one textbook citation (APA format required) from the chapter material that would be relevant to the case.
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The Relationships in Human Relations
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