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The world that we live in is changing on a daily bases. There have been so many MAJOR changes and issues that affect more than just our immediate communities. During week 6 of instruction, we are focusing on the Government and Politics (Chapter 17) and Work and the Economy (Chapter 18). Although these are two different topics, they relate to each other in ways that can affect us all.
Our Government has made some decisions that will affect our entire country. There is major concern with recent overturn of Roe vs. Wade regarding abortion rights and the fact that the Government is able to make decisions concerning a woman’s body and her right to choose. Why is there such an emphasis on women and none on men. Is there going to be a push to require men to get a vasectomy. There is a requirement for women but not one for men. Is this da form of gender bias? Would you consider this a form of inequality as women are being treated differently from men? Would you say that women are being punished because of an ascribed status?
When we look at Work and the Economy, we can see that things have changed drastically since we were struck with the COVID pandemic. There were so many companies/businesses that had to close their doors forever, many people loss their jobs, loss their benefits, had to extinguish some (if not all) of their savings accounts, retirement accounts and more. While money is really tight for a lot people, we can not go without discussing the increase in many things. Most of these things are items that we need to survive. The residential monthly rental amounts have increased, property purchase prices have increase, the cost of materials have increased, every thing in the grocery store has increased, gas has increased, the price of cars and trucks trucks have increased, and there are less options of products everywhere you go and so much more. Where do you think our economy is headed? Do you think that a repeat of “The Great Depression” is in our future. Do you see the rate of inflation declining any time soon?
How do you feel about both of these topics? Do you agree or disagree with the two topics mentioned above?
For this discussion assignment, each student is required to respond by sharing their own thoughts and opinions on both topics mentioned above. Your response should be written in complete sentences and in paragraph form. There will be no need for a bibliography as your response should be of your own personal thoughts and opinions. The expectations are that your response in written as a Sociologist. This means that the utilization of sociological terms, concepts, perspectives and theories should be incorporated into your responses.
Once you have completed your initial response, you will then be able to see the responses of your classmates. After reading some of your classmates responses, you are required to select at least two (2) of your classmates to rebuttal and respond to. In your responses to your classmates, express whether you agree or disagree with their initial response and then express why or why not. Your response should be worded as that of a Sociologist as well. It is important to remember that we will NOT always see eye to eye and agree with thoughts of others. However, we WILL always be respectful of each other and their thoughts and and opinions. We must all be able to agree to disagree. My classes are a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE and we will correspond accordingly.
Assignment requirements
Each students response must cover both topics.
Each students initial response must be at least 500 words.
Each student must respond to at least two of their classmates.
Each students response to their classmates must be at least 300 words.
Students are expected to respond as a Sociologist using sociological terms, concepts, perspectives, theories, etc.
All three (3) components of this assignment must be completed in order to receive ANY credit.
This assignment will close at 11:59PM on Sunday, July 17, 2022.
This is a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE. Please feel free to speak openly and honestly.
Please be sure to complete ALL components of this assignment. In total, this assignment requires a minimum word count of 1100 words. This word count requirement does not include your heading (name, class, date, etc.) and only content will be counted.
take you time and answer openly and freely from your heart. This is a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE.
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