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Part 1: “Working” Thesis (25 points). Write a “working” thesis statement for the Research Paper project. You should follow the “Guidelines for Writing a Good Thesis” outlined in this reading The Thesis Statement. The thesis statement will be at the end of your introductory paragraph (see guidelines below). You should underline or highlight your thesis for identification purposes.
NOTE: The thesis statement, first draft, and final draft of the Research Paper MUST follow the topic you chose in your Research Paper Proposal. If the topic is different for any of these components, you will be asked to rewrite. Thank you!
Part 2: Draft #1 (50 points). Write the first draft of the research paper. The draft will be evaluated in two areas:
Content (40 points): The first draft must include:
an introductory paragraph. The intro has a hook, a general introduction of the topic, and ends with a “working” argumentative thesis.
two or more body paragraphs that include strong topic sentences and a combination of research and logical reasoning. You should include at least one source in each paragraph. Please use the reference materials (lectures, videos, sample research paper)s provided by your instructor for modeling.
-Your instructor will give the most feedback on this draft, so I strongly encourage you to write a close to a full draft as possible.
MLA Style & Formatting (10 points): The paper must be typed, double spaced, have 1/2 inch margins, and include a title. Citations and references should also be in correct MLA format. For a review of MLA formatting and style, please see the videos below:
Research proposal:1. My topic will be discussing anxiety in adults and the obstacles they face in their day-to-day. I will also be providing solutions that can help alleviate anxiety among adults.
2. I choose this topic because mental health is an essential topic in our world. I hear many people talking about their anxiety types, and I want to dive deeper into the situations people face every day.
3. I know that anxiety can cause people to feel a sense of fear and that fear can take over them and cause them to not participate in certain activities. It is also one of the most common mental illnesses people face, next to depression.
4. I have not been able to find course material that relates to this topic.
5. I want to learn how people can help their anxiety and the best possible solution for those who have it. As well, being able t understand the different types of anxiety and their triggers.The assignment Thesis statement: Causes and Solutions to Anxiety Among Adults (Thesis Proposal Sample) Has been handled previously by writers From Elitetutorslab.

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Thesis statement: Causes and Solutions to Anxiety Among Adults (Thesis Proposal Sample)
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