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10011I need this assignment by 10pm 5/18/2022 Arizona Time . FIRST: Part 1: COMPLETE all sections of Math and ELA Assessment Table by using the information provided already in the MATH and ELA Learning Objectives Table attached to this lesson. (Assessment-Table Math needs to be filled in and ELA has been completed but please review)
Using the 4-5th grade math and ELA standards and learning objectives that you created in Topic 1, you will complete the “Assessment Table” graphic organizer. FIRST, identify two pre-assessment questions (assessing students’ prior knowledge), two formative assessment questions (assessing students’ progress), and an example of a summative assessment that aligns to the selected content standard.
NEXT: WRITE a Reflection COMPLETE Math and ELA Assessment Table and use the findings to answer 400-500 WORDS REFLECTION
In 400-500 words, summarize and explain your reasoning for choosing the formative assessments, questions, and summative assessment. Include responses to the following:
• How do the assessments align to the learning objectives and standards?
• Discuss the importance and purpose of multiple forms of assessments, and how the assessments inform instruction.
• Explain how you will use your findings in your 4-5th grade classroom.
Support your findings with a minimum of three scholarly sources.
Submit the “Assessment Table” and reflection as one deliverable.
Cite 5 resources. Write a 400-500-word REFLECTION supported with 4-5 or more cited references. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. APA double space format, Title Page, Cited Sources with a Reference Page is REQUIRED. An abstract is not required.
This assignment requires a Reference Page with 4-5 or more cited sources.

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Using the attached findings and observations summarize in a 400-500- words reflection explaining your reasoning for choosing the 4-5th grade formative assessments, questions, and summative assessment.
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