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10074Each fourth-gradestudent enters the classroom with a different set of factors that affect learning, all students learn differently. Teachers differentiate instruction based on readiness, interest, and individual learning goals and determine appropriate instructional strategies based on assessment data.
Using the attached student data in the “Class Profile,”
First, create a differentiation plan for a fourth-grade classroom.
Next, your essay findings should be directed toward professional development to inform new teachers about how to implement differentiation in the classroom.
Research differentiation strategies and explain how you will implement your findings in your current fourth-grade classroom. Read articles and and
Support your findings with a minimum of five scholarly resources.
Your 400-500-word essay is supported with 5 or more cited references and wrapped up with a concluding paragraph. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. APA double space format, Title Page, Cited Sources with a Reference Page is REQUIRED. An abstract is not required.
This assignment requires a Reference Page with 5 or more cited sources relating to this topic.
Your essay SHOULD include:
• State or National Standard: Identify a state or national standard that was hypothetically assessed on a recent assessment.
• Readiness: Describe how you will group students based on testing results from the “Class Profile.” Identify the students below level, at level, and above level in your description.
• Interest: Explain how you will determine students’ interest in the content. Include a specific strategy you will use to determine their interest level and how you plan to engage students who show low interest.
• Differentiating: Explain how you will differentiate instruction based on the state or national standard and results of the recent assessment. Provide an example of appropriate differentiation for the fourth-grade level.
• Technology: Identify one method for using technology to differentiate instruction. Be specific in which tool, software, website, etc. you plan to use, and explain how this tool provides a technology-rich learning experience.
• Progress Goals: Explain how progress goals for each fourth-grade student are determined. Goals should be realistic and reasonable for the subject matter, grade level, individual strengths, and need for growth.
• Learning Preferences: Describe how your everyday instruction includes considerations for all learning preferences.
• Summary and Goal Setting: Summarize how data informs instructional decisions. Discuss potential outcomes when data is not used to make instructional decisions. Identify at least one goal for yourself in the areas of using data for instructional decision-making, differentiating instruction, determining student interest, and using technology to differentiate instruction.

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Using the fourth-grade classroom attached student data in the “Class Profile,” create a fourth-grade classroom differentiation plan and for the content area and your essay will be directed toward a professional development to inform new teachers about how to implement differentiation in the classroom.
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