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What is a cause and effect argument?
Cause and effect arguments attempt to fin causes (why don’t more American’s vote) or identify possible effects (does violence cause societal violence). A cause and effect argument identifies the causes of an event or situation and takes a sand on what actually caused it. In an essay on one of the following topics, for example, you would search for the causes of an event or a situation, examining a number of different possible causes before concluding that a particular cause was the most likely one. You could also consider the possible outcomes or results of a given event or situation and conclude that one possible effect would most likely occur:
Are designated bicycle lanes really safer for cyclists?
Is fast food making Americans fat?
Is human activity responsible for climate change?
Do mandatory minimum sentences discourage crime?
Do charter schools improve students’ academic performance?
Does our reliance on social media bring us together or drive us apart?
For this essay, you will research a topic of your choice where you find a cause and identify possible effects of that cause. A cause and effect essay examines the causes of event or topic (reasons why it happened), and the effects(what happened as a result). Below is a link of possible topics to help give you an idea of cause/effect topics. This research essay should be 1500-2000 words in length. You will need at least 6 sources or more to support your argument.
Sample Topics:
Child Obesity is a Result of Unhealthy Lunches at School
Heart Disease is Caused by Limited Exercise on the Body
The Lack of Jobs in Rural Cities Increases Poverty
Strict Rules for Texting and Driving Leads to Less Fatalities
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