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  Please follow the instructions as guided in the file and do not just give general information. We need a logical and researched answer for it. DO NOT WRITE ONLY GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE TOPIC FROM THE INTERNET.  

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What kind of training plan is needed to help employees engage with the new digital tools?What are some of the associated costs with the implementation? Provide an
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SUBJECT: Digital Transformation
Topic: We have chosen Richmond Pizza store for POS upgradation as its digital transformation.
We have created PPT for it containing basic information.
check Richmond pizza store website as well (If it’s needed)

What you have to do?
From the above information and other academic references (Min. 2),
you need to expand on following two points in 2-3 pages.
Elaborate on these two following points, In APA with Intext Citations minimum two academic references
· What kind of training plan is needed to help employees engage with the new digital tools?

· What are some of the associated costs with the implementation? Provide an overview of the costs ranging from capital costs, training costs, and other associated costs.


Current Work Process – Front & Back office
Improvement via Digital Technology
Feasibility Analysis & Cost Benefit
Correlation-Technology Feature to Business
Change Management Plan
Cost Analysis
Why Us?


Current Work Process – Front office


Customer payment by cash or POS machine

Pizza order- Online or Phone Call

Payment by Cash/POS machine

Pizza pick up by customer

Prepare pizza

Pizza delivery

Current Work Process – Back office

Customer order
Verbal communication to Chef
Chef confirms completion
Handover Pizza for delivery
Payroll, shift maintenance
Purchasing, Inventory Management

Improvement via digital technology
The point of sale (POS) system needs to upgrade.

It minimize the waiting time.

Assists to develop schedule.

It is users friendly system.

Improvise the customers experience (Antczak & Weron, 2019).

Improvement via digital technology
Automated inventory software can improvise the organizational situation.
The technology can assist the organization to track the inventory from purchasing to sale (Atieh et al., 2016).

Feasibility Analysis to implement Point of Sale Technology

(Baker, 2021)

Efficiency of POS
Accurate Business Reports
Reduce Wait Time
Improve Customer Relationships
Discount and Loyalty Programs
Easy Tracking of Inventory
Automatic Analysis
Error Control
Feature Expandable Dashboard
Advance Level Security

(Biswas, 2018)

POS Cost Benefit Analysis


Benefits of using pos
Quicker access to information and easy to pay without visiting the location.
Display menus and advertisements that best suit the customers’ needs.
POS machine will help business to record the transactions that take place when they purchase supplies for their business.

Track inventory on a real-time basis, reduce the inventory costs, improve profitability.
Stock reordering feature through automated inventory management software.
Barcode scanning will process transactions faster.
Auto-recording of details of the transaction to improve the efficiency of operations.

Cost -BENEFITS Analysis

Cost Analysis


Leveraging workplace technology vendor

Use your workplace technology training tools

Investing in a workplace technology learning platform

Change Management Plan
Source: (Peatman, 2021)

Implement technology based on the natural diffusion of innovation

Include employees in technology in the workplace decisions

Use technology to address employee pain points

Change Management Plan
Source: (Peatman, 2021)

Thank You

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